SIMSAN, Engineered for Solutions and Services

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Engineering, is key, essential and not ignorable portion of in all of our projects. It not only include technical aspects, but also covers economic features of the projects, with a look of future.

Technical wise, it considers Enviromental Conditions, Project locations and wideness, each equipment and device as individual, as well in conjunction with other ones, Ambient Conditions in Operation conditions, Physical and Chemical Process Parameters.

Economic wise, Engineering is not selecting the chipest devices and equipment. It is selection of optimised strategy, considering trade-off of cost-efficiency, with insisting on minimum technical requirements, in long term.

The cost of bad engineering or ignoring it, is much more than a perfect engineering costs, especially in long term. It is seen that many times industry owners think of equipment and devices, instead of bad results from bad or lag of Engineering.

Engineering for SOLUTIONS

In SIMSAN, SOLUTIONS start with Engineering. We use it as a powerful tool to find best SOLUTION for each Application.

Before sales Engineering

In many cases, we face with very generic inquiries, which never know what the requirement is. In most of cases, even customer has no idea. In this situations, Engineering help us to undrestant true requirement and submit the customer a rigid quotation for supply projects.


SIMSAN is using benefits of a reliable, updated Database formed from manufactures, Suppliers and integrators, which are selected with a precise look. This will reduce risk of Dummy/Fake productfrom our supplies. This made trust from customers which are not ready to pay huge damages caused from fake equipment and devices.

After sales Services

Order Delivery is not an end in SIMSAN. But it is a start to protect our project through "after sales Services" which bring us customer satisfaction. We undertake manufacturers' commitments (Guarantee/Warranty) and transform to our customers at same terms and conditions as manufacturers. Also we are able to submit services like Installation, Commissioning, Start-up, Training, . . ., where needed and applicable.